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  Sheet music / Scores      
  The Little Prince      
  opera in two acts based on the story by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry  
  orchestral score and piano score:   
  The Aria: "If someone loves a flower" (Aria of the little prince)  
  for voice and piano is available at Internationale Musikverlage Sikorski/Blume  
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  orchestral works        
  orchestra suite "The Little Prince"    
  (55 min.)

1. Overture
2. The Little Prince on his planet
3. Sunset
4. The Chorus of the stars
5. The Little Prince and the Rose
6. Ballet of the stars and Aria of the Rose
7. Finale
  Concert piece for orchestra: Caravagio elements    
  14 minutes 2011
  for string-orchestra
for symphonic orchestra
  Psalm 23      
  Symphonic Poem (ca. 11 min.)    
  The Little Prince, the Roses and the Fox      
  Symphonic Poem (ca. 11 min.)    
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  chamber music        
  "Songs without words"    
  Seven Pieces for Violon and Piano    
  A l´heure sonnante    
  For piano for four hands and a percussionst
" Serial music based on the structure of the bell sound"
  String Quartet N°2
(première 2002 by the Gaudeamus Quartett)
  LINOS Musikverlag
  "Hör´, es klagt die Flöte wieder" (Text: Clemens Brentano)
„Listen, the flute is complaining again“
for soprano, mezzosoprano, flute and piano
(commissioned by the Öttinger Gesangsmeisterklassen 1996)
  The nightingale * The raven    
  for violin, piano and tape    
  tape-files and score available at the composer: "The nightingale"  
    "The raven"  
  Concert for string quartet, brass quintet et piano
(ca. 12 min.)
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  piano music      
music for expressive dance
for piano solo and four dancers
in four movements
Accolade Musikverlag
  Sonate Nr. 1  
Accolade Musikverlag
  Albumblatt für Uta
(Après-Midi à Borken)
  Aria mit Variationen
(based on a theme from the opera The Little Prince:
"When someone loves a flower...)
  The three last pieces are available under:    
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  Orpheus - Symphonic poem for piano solo Listen  
  printed score available at the composer:    
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  Liederzyklus "Wandlung" - "transformation"
20 Lieder for soprano and piano
  Edition Ferrimontana     
  Tu es un ange
(based on three letters by A. de Saint-Exupéry)
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  Song for a Friend  
  for soprano and piano        
first page of score
  for soprano, piano (organ) and violoncello or a different    
  Alto-or Tenor-instrument like Alto, Horne, Bassoon or English Horne    
  chorus works/ organ works / mass    
  Psalm 98    
  for tenor, trumpet and organ    
  Salve Mater Misericordiæ
for organ solo
  Missa Sancti Iosephmariæ Escrivá
Première January 9th, 2002 in the cathedral of Vienna on the occasion of a holy mass celebrated by the Archbishop of Vienna Cardinal Schönborn.
  IOANNES 20, 11-18
Iesus apparet Mariae Magdalene    
  for mixed chorus and soprano solo        
      Edition Ferrimontana    
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