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 Nikolaus Schapfl

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Werke von Nikolaus Schapfl
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7 Songs without words for violin and piano 7 Songs without words for violin and piano 7 Songs without words für Violine und Klavier  
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    Songs without words - text   
music for expressive dance for piano solo and four dancers
(premiere in september 2004, Santander)
Sonate 1
(premiere in september 2003, Philharmony Munich)
Arlecchino - Musik für Ausdruckstanz  
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  A l´heure sonnante Streichquartett N°2  
  for piano for four hands and a percussionist
"serial music on the base of the structure of the bell sound"
string quartett N° 2 string quartett N° 2 Streichquartett N°2  
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string quartett N° 2
Piano quintet in three movements    
  Première August 28th, 2014 in the castle of Goldegg, Salzburg, Austria    
  by the MozARTE Quintet Salzburg
video of the concert
  Lettres musicales piece for flute and piano  
  A gentle, delicate dialogue in "silver" colors with filigree, playful rhythms - concert piece for French auteur cinema    
  duration: ca. 7 min. sheet music available from the composer  
  piano pieces:
Enigma, Rhapsodie, Méditation, Elegie, Reconnaissance,
Aria with variations (about "If someone loves a flower" - Aria of the Little Prince) (11 min)
    listen to excerps - Rhapsodie     
    listen to excerps - Méditation     
Ensemblewerk:"Marána-thá" for 12 players Work for Ensemble:
"Marána-thá" for 12 players
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  Album sheet for Uta "Along the sea"      
  for piano solo      
look and listen
  for this composition Philipp Werner (Cologne) painted a picture with the same title
  "Orpheus" - symphonic poem for piano solo   2007  
    ~ 70 minutes  
7 Songs without words für Violine und Klavier 
Video - Schapfl plays Orpheus-Prologue
  CD available at Amazon or musik(at)    
  Score at    
  From "The book of birds"  for violin, piano and bird voices   (2009)    
  The Nightingale  
  The Raven  
  Piece für Violoncello-Solo Listen  
  2 min.    
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