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 Nikolaus Schapfl

Nikolaus Schapfl Stimmungen
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Werke von Nikolaus Schapfl
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orchestra suite "The Little Prince"(55 min.) orchestra suite "The Little Prince"
(55 min.)

1. Overture
2. The Little Prince on his planet
3. Sunset
4. The Chorus of the stars
5. The Little Prince and the Rose
6. Ballet of the stars and Aria of the Rose
7. Finale
  Psalm 23
Symphonic Poem
The Little Prince,the Roses and the Fox The Little Prince,
the Roses and the Fox
Symphonic Poem (11 min.) (excerpt)
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  Caravaggio-elements 14 min.  
    • for symphonic orchestra more information  
  Concert for piano and orchestra    
  1. Allegro con brio, 2. Largo, 3. Allegro giocoso listen under News  
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