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 Nikolaus Schapfl

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Werke von Nikolaus Schapfl
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  The Little Prince      

The Rose (scene 5)
The vain man (scene 7)
The Echo (scene 13)
The Roses (scene 14)
The Fox Aria 1 (scene 14)
Duetto fox / the Little Prince (scene 14)
The sunset / the well (scene 15)
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  Orchestral Works        
orchestra suite "The Little Prince"
(55 min.)

1. Overture
2. The Little Prince on his planet
3. Sunset
4. The Chorus of the stars
5. The Little Prince and the Rose
6. Ballet of the stars and Aria of the Rose
7. Finale

The Little Prince, the roses and the fox
Symphonic Poem (11 min.) (excerpt)
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  Concert piece for orchestra: Caravagio elements  
  for string-orchestra for symphonic orchestra  
  Concert for piano and orchestra    
  in three movements listen on youtube  
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  Chamber music        
"Songs without words" Chansons sans Paroles
Seven Pieces for Violon and Piano
N°2 G-major (excerpt)
N°5 A-major (excerpt)

String Quartet N°2
(premiere 2002 by the Gaudeamus Quartett)

For 12 players
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  Piano music      

Arlecchino – music for expressive danse
1st movement (excerpt)
2nd movement (excerpt)

Méditation (excerpt)

Rhapsodie (excerpt)

Album sheet for Uta ("Along the sea")

  mp3-download of Orpheus:    
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Of the song cycle Wandlung („transformation“)
(20 songs for soprano and piano):
N° 11 Apokalyptischer Augenblick „ Apocalyptic moment“
(text: Werner Bergengruen)
N° 17 Ich gehöre meinem Geliebten „I belong to my beloved“
(text: Juan de la Cruz)
N° 20 "Tota Pulchra"
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  film music      
Der Templer:
Battle (De pugnæ tumulto)
Goodbye (Air 1)
  The entire music of "The Templar":    
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  Organ music      
Salve Mater Misericordiæ
for organ solo
Recording: Stephan Lutermann, Paderborn, at the organ aof the
Leopold-Mozart-Saal, Salzburg, 1998
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