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Aktuelles von Nikolaus Schapfl
Aktuelles von Nikolaus Schapfl Welcome  
  Esteemed Visitor to this Site,    
  I wish you a warm welcome to my website and thank you for your visit.    
  Here you will get to know all about:    
    My opera The Little Prince based on the world-renowned book by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry,    
    Songs without Words for violin and piano played by the New York Philharmonic’s principal violinist, Vladimir Tsypin,    
    My violin quartet interpreted by the Gaudeamus Quartet,    
    Songs in the tradition of German Lieder based on poems by Paul Celan, Else Lasker-Schüler and Saint John of the Cross recorded by the soprano Maria Brojer and the pianist Gereon Kleiner.    
    And much more!    
  You can also order my musical scores in sheet music form from Sikorski Musikverlag (Hamburg), and Ferrimontana(Frankfurt), among others.

Visit the Press section of this site and listen to extracts from some of the pieces mentioned above.

I am grateful for your interest and hope you will attend one of my concerts or performances in the nearest future.

My goal is to continue to move people to tears, but not out of despair! Again to describe a sunset musically, and to bring to the stage a true love story with intrigue, tension and misunderstanding, but, finally, a happy ending, to deal with timeless questions because it is not necessary to constantly rediscover human nature, and to provoke my audience without lapsing into avant-garde clichés which have not changed for decades.

But I also want, when necessary, to laugh at myself, and to learn from your reaction to my music, your questions and your advice.

We must ask ourselves where we are going with music and the theatre because they are profoundly linked to the human soul. They are true indicators of whether or not humanity is progressing, of how we communicate and experience excitement, joy and pain. At times, they are even capable or providing answers to the questions of our time!
  Sincerely yours,  
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