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  Nikolaus Schapfl • Composer    
  Born in 1963 in Munich. Graduated with honors in 1996 from the Mozarteum -- the University for Music and Dramatic Arts in Salzburg, Austria. Majored in Composition under Professors Wolfgang Sauseng, Christian Ofenbauer, and took courses with Diether de la Motte at the Hochschule fuer Musik in Vienna. Dissertation: Introduction to the Tonal Language of Aleksandr Scriabin.

Foerderpreis des Bayerischen Musikfonds 1995;
Foerderung Bundeskanzleramt Wien 1997;
Foerderung Land Salzburg 1997.

Teaches composition at the University of Redlands, Salzburg Program.
Numerous commissions for symphonic works (Edition,; chamber music, choral compositions, electronic music etc.
Nikolaus Schapfl • Komponist  
  Composed the music for the award-winning motion picture “Der Templer" (ARTE, Bayerischer Rundfunk, Münchner Filmfest, Hofer Filmtage). Music conducted by the Filarmonica Brasov.
  "The music of Nikolaus Schapfl generates an undertow of emotions."
(4.11.02, Süddeutsche Zeitung)
  CD Wandlung, 1995 (ORF, BR),
Maria Brojer-Sopran, Gereon Kleiner-Klavier
  CD “Songs without Words," with
v iolinist Vladimir Tsypin of the New York Philharmonic
  CD String Quartett, - Linos Musikverlag, - Duisburg    
  CD “Electronic Spring,"
Elektroacustic Society, Austria, a.o.
  First authorisation for an operatic version of “The Little Prince”, an Opera in Two Acts for solists, chorus and orchestra. Scenic Première March 25th, 2006
Orchestra suite “ The Little Prince.”

Ballett “Arlecchino," premiere at Santander, Spain in 1994.
String Quartett No. 1, No. 2; song cycle “Being, Growing, Passing" (commissioned by the master classes Arosa/Winterthur),
piano compositions “Salzburg Piano Impressions,"
Psalm 23, - Symphhonic Poem (Brasov Philharmonic),
Sacred Liturgy commissioned by the Archbishop of Vienna and performed at Saint Steven's Cathedral, Vienna, 2002.

Improvisations for “Sisi: Her poems," Bad Wiessee 2001

“One Only Sees Good with the Heart" und “The Flight of the Little Prince," for orchestra,
  Compositions broadcast by Austrian Radio (ORF), Bavarian Radio (BR), Belgian Radio, North German Radio (NDR), Radio Poland, Radio Shanghai. Interview with Austrian Television.    
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