Press excerpts about the staging of the opera "The Little Prince" by Nikolaus Schapfl in Salzburg 2019

"The Little Prince" as an opera -
"The Little Prince" has found its way onto the stage. In an opera production by Nikolaus Schapfl, the story of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry became music.
ORF - Salzburg Heute 14.11.2019

"An opera gem with a sensational genesis ... Composer Nikolaus Schapfl has been fascinated since the age of six by the work of poet-pilot Saint-Exupéry. The musical breakthrough was a fax from the heirs to Schapfl, who was charmed by his music. From then on, the way was clear for the Prince Opera, and so it comes after the concert premiere of the work in 2003 in the Great Hall of the Mozarteum again to an Austrian premiere in the form of the opera version. "
KRONE, 15.11.2019

"And these heirs [Saint-Exupéry] have given the go-ahead after refusing 70 requests from composers around the world."
KRONE, 30.10.2019

"The unique opera by Nikolaus Schapfl will be staged for the first time in Austria."
Salzburger Nachrichten 14.11.2019

"This composition is clever, intelligent and effective. Perhaps that is the reason why this modern opera was sold out and was hailed by the audience."
KRONE 17.11.2019

The SZENE-theatre was three times sold-out, 50 seats were squeezed in for the final event: "The Little Prince", the scenic opera ... became a ... great success.
KRONE, 20.11.2019