Opera Caravaggio - audio excerpts of the piano score
with Sibelius 6 Sampler - piano and voices

Ludovic Kendi -Baritone (Caravaggio)

Athanasía Zöhrer - Soprano (Lena)

Libretto: Matthew Faulk • Music: Nikolaus Schapfl
November 2018
Opera in two acts
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1st Act
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In Cavaliere D'Arpino's workshop

The lowlife of the Piazza Navona

The cognoscenti

"The vocation of St. Matthew"

Egregius in urbe pictor


The arrest of Caravaggio

Caravaggio is released from jail

(10) Del Monte is appealing to Caravaggio‘s conscience. (11) Lena is sitting for Caravaggio's painting Madonna and the pilgrims.

(12) The clergy enter the church to view Caravaggio's new painting MADONNA AND THE PILGRIMS and - referring to the "filthy feet" - reject it strictly.

(13) Caravaggio is deeply concerned and upset about the rejection of the painting, however, insists on his position: "I paint as I see."

(14) Baglione is pleased about Caravaggio's flop. Tomassoni shows him one of the rough verses of obscene content Caravaggio has written on him. Then, Baglione incites Tomassoni who is ready to teach Caravaggio a lesson."

(15) Caravaggio sits with his friends at Piazza Navona. Lena and Filide try to calm his rage about Baglione. Caravaggio makes the girls laugh with jokes about him. Suddenly, Tomassoni occurs with a band of young bloods. He starts to talk to Caravaggio in a provocative way just to the point when both draw their swords. Tomassoni receives a stab in the abdomen. Under the screams and the horror of those present Caravaggio takes flight.
End of the 1st act
        The duration of the 1st act is about 1h 15 min - metronome time.
2nd act
    Open piano score 2nd act, scenes 16-19 (pdf)  
(16) STAGE RIGHT: Baglione and friends discuss how tu hunt Caravaggio to his doom, followed by Del Monte (CENTER STAGE) who angrily complains Caravaggio's foolishness and writes a letter to the Pope in order to plead on his behalf. Then (STAGE LEFT), Lena expresses her longing to see C. again. Filide encourages her by telling that Del Monte will plead his case before the highest court. Afterwards, all three groups become visible - each of them ignoring the others - and sing a quintet together with men's choir (Baglione's friends).
(17) Caravaggio is at a funeral ceremony in the Basilica of Naples. The choir sings "Libera me..." and starts to interact with Caravaggio talking about his future. The lights go down. When they come up again they reveal Baglione with his friends striding about the scene. Caravaggio "must not return."
(18) A knight brings Caravaggio the invitation of the Order of Malta to come to Malta. Caravaggio hits and climbs a ship. "By miraculous release"
(19) Caravaggio is welcomed by Alof de Wignacourt and the other knights in Malta. He is to perform his art for the glory of God. After a first welcome scene and introduction to the spirit of the Order of Malta, Caravaggio takes the theme of St. John the Baptist for his painting, more precisely his execution. De Wignacourt is thrilled and takes him for the Order as a knight.

(20) Cardinal del Monte appears before the Pope to ask him for pardon for Caravaggio. (Chorus)